Steve Cobb, Attorney

There are many legal ways of coming to, and staying in, the United States.  I will be glad to help you with the following areas:

* DACA applications for young people who came to this country when they were under 16 years of age

*  Green card applications and renewals

Immigration Law

Police officers are entrusted with enormous power, and are commissioned to protect and serve.  Sometimes, however, things go wrong.  If you've been injured by malicious or negligent police action, you may have a remedy in federal court.

Civil Litigation

Sometimes people just can't get along.  If you've done your best to resolve a difficult situation and nothing seems to work, why not call an attorney?  Better yet, call several attorneys.  Perhaps you will find a solution that you had not thought of.  Courts are really not the best place to solve problems, because they are slow and inefficient, but they are better than nothing.  I will be glad to tell you what I believe your options are for resolving the conflict, either in or out of court.

Police Abuse

Areas of Practice